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Chromatic Guitar Tuner

开发 Tabs4Acoustic

This chromatic tuner allows you to quickly and accurately tune your instruments by using the built-in microphone. No wires needed. Simple interface allowing you to easy find your pitch note and exact frequency of the sound. Tunner is also helpful for learning bends.Works with:• Electric and acoustic guitars• Mandolin• Ukulele• Viola• Violin• Cello• Fiddle• Balalaika• Banjo
PLEASE BE CAREFUL: In most cases any beginner can tune guitar with chromatic tuner after reading article or watching video tutorial.But if it's your first time you should be carefull becouse there is possible that your microphone is not work properly or you turning tunning knobs in wrong dirrection.
There is basic instruction for standrat tuning:
The strings of a guitar from the thickest to thinnest:1 (E) 329.63 Hz E4 the thinnest or highest is the 1st2 (B) 246.94 Hz B33 (G) 196.00 Hz G34 (D) 146.83 Hz D35 (A) 110.00 Hz A26 (E) 82.41 Hz E2 the thickest or the lowest(6th string)
Put the guitar in close to the Android device and play the first note (low E).If your string tunned correctly you’ll see note “E” on the screen and accuracy near “0”(center of the bottom scale) and scale will glow with green color. If tuner application showing you wrong note or big deviation( light is red and not at the center of scale)you should turn the tuning knobs on your guitar and match them up with the note showing by the online tuner. So guitar tuner shows proximity of the playing note at the bottom. You can also check accuracy by color. If scale has green color and tuner shows correct note than current string where tuned correctly.
It's not final version, but it's already works fine and accurate.It works with A4=440(general tuning standard for musical pitch). I am oppened for suggestions.Your responces is very helpfull! If you think this application isn't good enough please let me know and I'll fix it or add new feautures! Thanks!Tuner also have online version: